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Sonic Waves

About Us

About Marigold Healing Center

We set ourselves to take care of one another and those in the community which we live.  You see, we are all one in our eyes and you are the mirror of us. The healing modalities we offer are both healing and spiritual if you want them to be. 

Our Story

We embrace and use natural energy healing frequencies that support and elevate the mind, body and spirit to ultimate healing.  The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem TM.) is rapidly being installed around the world to promote wellness, healing, relaxation, rejuvenation, oxygenation, detoxification, and regeneration in your body.  Our intentions are clear. We are a healing center and are serious about seeing your body, mind and spirit heal.

We want to see you heal the sickness you may be facing, no matter how severe or how small. Need focus and clarity of thoughts? No matter what you face with the challenge of your body, we have a powerful technology that can cause your body to recharge to heal itself using scalar energy. This is an amazing system used by individuals, families, doctors, therapists, researchers, nutrition companies, veteran, veterinarians, as well as Meditation and Wellness Centers to support the manner of physical, mental, spiritual development and well-being.  Learn more HERE

Sonic Waves

The Energy Room

Our Energy Room is quiet, dim and climate controlled for your comfort while you relax, sleep or meditate.  It is also equipped with a Vollara Air Purifier (No Ozone) that transmutes a virus or bacteria from anyone walking in the Quiet Energy Room within one minute.  This Air Purifier is the one the Astronauts use to stay healthy year round. We have two comfortable recliners to meet special needs and nine Zero Gravity Chairs.  These chairs recline to put no stress on any pressure point of the body so you can totally relax while your body recharges.  The room also has a trundle bed for overnight stays up to 2 people plus a pet if preferred at an additional cost. The room can hold up to twelve people at one time and the more people in the room, the higher the frequency of energy is emitted leading to an optimal experience.

Drink pure spring water before your session, during and after

We are wheelchair accessible at the front entrance and our staff will assist those with special needs.  

A basket outside the room will be provided for cell phones so you are not disturbed by any environmental factors while your body and mind relax and recharge.  


Keeping yourself hydrated with pure spring water or the like is very important  to your healing process, before, during and after your session for of few days.

Think about reviewing what you are consuming in your body that could be causing it to be ill and set new goals to drink pure water and eat whole food sources.

Meet The Marigold Team
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