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Sonic waves

EESystem Knowledge
More resources for the EESystem

EESystem Research

Learn more about EESystem research here.  Case Studies in addition to what is listed on this page can be found at

Digital Marigold Flower

This case report describes the use of scalar field therapy in the mitigation of seizures in an autistic child.

Digital Marigold Flower

Dr. Michael takes part in an assessment of the energy field and our human blueprint with exposure to scalar energy and our intentions to heal the body.

Digital Marigold Flower

A study using scalar energy with experimental evidence, tissue culture approach and effects on neurotransmitter function.

Digital Marigold Flower

Demonstrate the relationship between scalar wave energy to the body creates improved cell vitality coupled with psychosomatic effects by meditation or affirmations have a profound influence on the immune function.

Digital Marigold Flower

A study focussing on the psychological well-being of a 29 adult population over a three week period.

Digital Marigold Flower

Science assessment of the scalar energy emitted from the Energy Enhancement Technology (EESystem)  and its ability to neutralize the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) to the body while clients report enhanced health, state of mind and mental awareness.  

Sonic Waves

Take Care of One Another

We set ourselves to take care of one another and those in the community which we live.  You see, we are all one in our eyes and you are the mirror of us.  The services we offer are both healing and spiritual if you want them to be. 

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