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Before, During and After my EESystem Session

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Before your upcoming session, it is important to focus on the results you seek to achieve in your body. There are numerous studies that show people with positive results from any treatment are more successful when they only allow positive thoughts and intentions to fill their minds prior to the treatment. Focus on what you want, not what could happen. Keep negative thoughts away from your thoughts. They are not welcome in this space. Keeping yourself hydrated keeps energy flowing through your body, important for healing. Make sure you schedule a minimum of two sessions, especially if this is your first time. Your body may have never had exposure to such powerful energy so we want you to experience your desired goal. It is helpful to plan to nap, meditate or just maintain a restful state away from your electronics. You will find you may find your body totally relaxed in the EESystem space.

Unifyd Healing Guide to Maximize EESystem Sessions

After your session, it is very important to nourish your body, with organic and whole foods, consume plant-based foods and continue to hydrate with pure mineral spring water. Local water sources are full of toxins and chemicals that are harmful to your healing process. In addition, we recommend to take multiple baths over the next few weeks using the Salt Bath Recipe and Protocol below. The EESalt ingredient is hypercharged in Dr. Michael's hypercharged system, not available to the public, and excellent for continuing to charge the body every time you bathe in it. Following this process is a sure way to ensure your body has the tools it needs to heal itself.

EEsystem Detox Bath Recipe

There is not a magic time we can gauge to say when your body will heal. You will have to judge that and if you need additional sessions. A good measure is the more serious the illness, the more sessions you may need. Listen and watch your body and take good care of the body you were given. It wants to heal itself.

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