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How do you live a healthy lifestyle after your sessions with the EESystem?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

If you want to be rid of illness of any type, it is a 360 degree solution. The EESystem regenerates your body's cells to heal as it was always intended to, but we must take an active role to help those cells remain healthy. How do we do that? There are key ways to continue and maintain wellness in the body.

a bed of green lettuce

1) Food. Food is so important to continuing the healing process and feeding the powerhouse cells you are regenerating. Search for wholesome foods without pesticides in the fruits and vegetable aisle and no chemical or results will continue to heal your body. Safer to eat organic or foods specifically marked with PLU code starting with #9 in the number. This is truly organic according to the pesticide free. Item codes that don't Eat only organic fruits and vegetables. Other fruits and vegetables have been treated with pesticides. Pesticides are carcinogenic (cancerous) and toxic to the body. Try to buy meats that have not been treated in any way from hormones, antibiotics or any other foreign toxin not born in the animal. Try to limit meat intake by cutting back or using alternative protein sources. Eliminate sugar from your diet and use pure raw honey or pure maple syrup for sweeteners. Do not use Stevia, as it is processed from a green plan to white and in the processing, it is chemically processed and more dangerous than aspartame for toxity-not many people know this.

2) Water. Drink pure structured or spring water. Water is one of the most treated resources and has numerous chemicals toxic to the body in today’s environment. Buy pure water

small purified water filter

without chemicals, install a water treatment system to purify your home water, or buy regenerative water like Asea Water to continue healing the cells in the body for optimal health.

3) Air. Many people are purchasing air purifiers for the home to ensure they are breathing good oxygen within their lungs. Another strategy is to take visits to the mountain for hikes in pure air away from pollution and city toxins airborne.

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