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Nikola Tesla got it right! | Marigold Healing Center

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Known as the father of scalar energy with over 278 US patents and over 1,000

photo of outer space with high frequency quote

mune diseases, life threatening diseases, mental clarity

and others, scalar energy possesses the jump start to restore the body to its original design.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael learned from Tesla's work and invented the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem), a set of customized systems that create scalar energy in a space as the delivery agent to the body. The body is every changed by scalar energy by cell regeneration. Why is that important? Cells carry voltage in the form of millivolts (mV). Cells below 20 millivolts are cancerous or diseased, while cells within 70-90 millivolts are at their optimal state, able to fight off disease, sickness and able to overtake any negative cells. That results in healing in the body. Are you struggling with sickness of any kind. Why not give the EESystem at Marigold Healing Center a try and see if your health impor

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