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Marigold Healing Center

Healing modalities to charge and regenerate the body

Journey to Wellness

Energy Waves

Bio-Scalar Technology

The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) generates scalar energy which charges the body causing multiple positive bio-active results.  Recharging the body regenerates new cell growth exponentially resulting in the body healing itself.  Benefits reported are healing from chronic or acute illnesses, increased energy, mental clarity, and many more results.  The body seeks to heal what is damaged or lacking as the charged cells increase the body’s frequency to heal itself as was intended by the Creator.

A Global Initiative to Heal the World

Our mission is to bring healing modalities to our community and the world to get people well, giving them the opportunity to rise to their highest self of health and consciousness as was always intended by the Creator.  We are creating optimal health for humanity. 

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Healing Stones

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Our Facility

Located in the heart of downtown Charles Town, West Virginia, Marigold Healing Center is located on the ground floor at 301 W. Washington St. in a historic building circa 1810, completely renovated.  Look for our lighted sign on the corner of the building and on the front door. As the center of the tri-state area, Charles Town not only is the hub of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, but is a central location from Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania less than an 30 minutes away. 

Energetic Waves

Benefits of Using EESystem Technology

Improved Mental Clarity 

increased energy

Increased Energy Levels

pain relief animation

from Pain

cell recharge regeneration

Cell Charge & Regeneration

circulation and nerve pain assistance

Circulation & Nerve Pain

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